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Motorcycle Switchgear
Beautifully designed billet aluminium switchgear
made in Britain   email:

These switches offer a stylish alternative to standard factory switchgear for a one-off special or Custom build.

The switchgear is not designed for a specific bike and presents a Simple Switch Contacts (SPST type), which can be adapted using relays and or diodes to ensure safe operation with all bikes.

Each switch can handle up to 10Amps maximum.

A good working knowledge of vehicle electronics is mandatory before commencing work. If you are not familiar with motorcycle wiring we strongly recommend you seek guidance from a qualified auto electrician.

It is not just a case of matching wires to switches.

The "Billet Switch" is precision made in 3 parts from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium to provide a durable and tough casing.

The switches comply with IP67 testing requirements. The outer face can withstand a water pressure up to 1m deep! Although direct jet wash pressure to the casings is not recommended. Switch construction is chromed brass and stainless steel, which will give a good finish for years to come.The switches can handle up to 10Amps maximum.

Each Billet Switch is directly wired with no shared feeds, allowing maximum flexibility when wiring into an existing harness. Shared feeds can be made at the terminal blocks.

All fasteners are stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

Motorcycle wiring can be complex. When fitting we recommend the help of a specialist Auto Electrician. As a minimum, you will need a detailed wiring diagram of your bike model.  It may be necessary to use relays if combined amperages are too high.

Attachment to the motorcycle's existing wiring harness can be done by using the 2 supplied 6 terminal connector blocks to make a dedicated means of connection to an existing loom. Alternatively by connecting the 2.8mm "Japanese" terminals into the existing connector blocks. This will allow reversal of fitting if you require to transfer the switches to your next project.

Having connector blocks fitted allows easy removal of the handlebars after fitting, without the need to disconnect terminals.

An 800mm length of heat shrink protected cable provides a durable outer layer to protect wires and enough length to cope with most handlebar styles.

Handlebars will need to be drilled to feed the cable through to a central outlet by the risers.  Holes will need to be filed to de-bur edges which would lead to damage of the cables protective sheath.

Switch configuration is as follows, however if you require a specific layout we can custom build these for you to special order. 

The Billet Switch
Fitting Instructions

Standard fitment is for 22mm handlebars, fitments for 1 inch can be made to order.